Uncategorized September 5, 2019

How Being A Fast-Acting Agent Got My Clients’ A Great Home!

One thing about me is that I am always on the go. I’ve never been the type to sit still, and when I have a task or goal that I want to accomplish I try to get it done as quickly as possible. Ask anyone who knows me well, this is the case for almost everything in my life, even the small things. So how did this quality about me help me get an amazing deal for my clients?

One day after work, my good friends and I scheduled some showings because I was helping them purchase their first home with their VA Home Loan benefit. We had seen three homes that evening, and I felt really good about getting them a good deal on one of the three homes. However, something felt a bit off and I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be the house that they bought. Well, I had already set up an automatic search on the Multiple Listing Service that notified both myself and my clients, Luke and Cydne, whenever a listing came onto the market that met their criteria for a home. So when I got home that night, I began to relax for the rest of the evening when I got an email with an update in their custom search. I had only been home for about 30 minutes and something told me to open it. Well the price on this particular listing dropped by about $13K and when I looked at the pictures I immediately called Luke and told him we needed to see this home ASAP! He told me to meet him in an hour. So then I called the listing agent to see if there were any offers or serious interest in the home (as I always do) and she told me that there wasn’t but she was expecting some in the next few days with the new price! When we walked through the house, they loved it! To be honest, I was jealous because it was such a nice house at a sweet deal. Of course they wanted to make an offer and so I called the agent again to tell her the good news. I didn’t want to wait around at all, so I wrote the offer that night, Luke and Cydne signed the offer, and then I submitted it first thing the next morning!

The next day not only had we gone pending but THREE other agents showed the home to potential buyers. Luckily for us, we already had the home under contract at a good price with most of my clients’ closing costs paid for!

So congratulations to Luke and Cydne! It was an honor and my pleasure to help you purchase your first home!