Uncategorized September 5, 2019

How I Help Military Members And Their Families PCS To JBLM

In this business, the way that I view success is when I help people find the homes that they love and helping them purchase it under their own terms. In today’s post, I would like to highlight two of my clients that I worked with who were in similar situations. Both of these clients were stationed elsewhere, received orders to come to Joint Base Lewis McChord, and they ultimately made the decision that they wanted to purchase a home instead of losing money on rent. The most humbling part of this all is that they entrusted me, someone who just became a Realtor in September of 2018, with the biggest purchase and financial decision of their entire lives! So before I get into the process of how I was able to help them find the home that they love, I just want to thank them both for choosing me!
Pre-Approval: One of the first things that I do as a Realtor is that I make sure my clients are either pre-approved to purchase a home, or that they are in the process of getting pre-approved. This is probably the most boring and stressful part of buying a home, but it’s also the most important. Choosing a good lender and taking the steps up front to buy a home is critical to set yourself up for success to buy a home and to close on time. If you’d like my advice on who to choose as a lender, please reach out to me and I can give you some suggestions! Both of my clients went with the lender that I recommended and because of today’s times, they were able to get pre-approved from their computer without having to ever come into the office!
Finding A Home: This is the “fun” part about the home search process. You know how much you can buy a home for and now you’re ready to go and check out homes! However, in my clients’ situation, how do they look at homes besides relying on pictures while they’re across the United States? This is where I come in. What I did for both of my clients in these situations is I walked through the homes that they were interested in, and I took a video every step of the way voicing every observation that I saw. I would open up cabinets, walk into the bathrooms, explain the height of the ceilings, and I’d also point out any deficiencies or concerns that I noticed in the house! No matter what, I always made sure to point out the good and the bad, and to remain HONEST throughout the entire process. Both clients ended up satisfied with the home that they purchased, and I’m happy to have had a part in making them feel comfortable with their decision!
Inspection: As a Realtor, I always make sure that my clients get an inspection. I never want there to be any major issues with the home that they purchase, so the money they pay for the inspection is really for their own protection! I always make sure that I remain in contact with the inspector about the issues found in the home, and I do my best to relay that information to my clients’ as best as I can. Not every home will be perfect and not every buyer understands the common issues that a home has. No matter what, I always remain honest and I make sure that everybody is comfortable with the situation and the way moving forward.
Closing: This can get a little tricky. The state of Washington requires all signatures to be in person. So if you aren’t able to make it in town for the actual signing and closing, you can sign from anywhere in the country, sometimes in another country depending on where, with a mobile notary. What happens is that you sign on one day, and then the documents get shipped over night and the next business you can close on the purchase of your home!
I understand what it’s like to PCS from another location and even across the country having done so myself. I also understand the financial hit that you can take with staying in a hotel because your housing situation isn’t completely set up. So no matter what, if the client permits, it’s always my GOAL to minimize the time that a client has to stay in the hotel, which then puts money back in their pocket while purchasing a home! If you or someone you know is PCSing to Fort Lewis/JBLM, and you’re interested in purchasing a home, please let me know and get in contact with me. I’d love to help however I can and I have proven myself able to do so thanks to the clients who entrusted me with the process!