Uncategorized How To Use Buying A House To Pay Off Debt! Most people know that when purchasing a home with the VA Loan, it is common practice to negotiate closing costs with sellers in order to not have to pay any money upfront at all. However, most people and definitely most agents, don’t know that when the credit from the seller is higher than the actual […]
Uncategorized How To Use Your VA Loan As An Investment Recently I helped a fellow West Point Grad purchase his first home using his VA Loan benefit in Tacoma, WA. What I didn’t know was that this was going to become one of the best stories that a client of mine has had while maximizing his VA Loan benefit! When I found Eric his house, […]
Uncategorized How Being A Fast-Acting Agent Got My Clients’ A Great Home! One thing about me is that I am always on the go. I’ve never been the type to sit still, and when I have a task or goal that I want to accomplish I try to get it done as quickly as possible. Ask anyone who knows me well, this is the case for almost […]
Uncategorized I Negotiated over $20k in Closing Costs in a month for my Buyers – Here’s How It Works So you have your money for the down payment, or you’ve saved enough money to move and purchase new household goods, or maybe you just have some funds saved away for a rainy day and you’re looking to purchase a home. However, you don’t have enough to cover all of your expenses AND the closing […]
Uncategorized How I Help Military Members And Their Families PCS To JBLM In this business, the way that I view success is when I help people find the homes that they love and helping them purchase it under their own terms. In today’s post, I would like to highlight two of my clients that I worked with who were in similar situations. Both of these clients were […]
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